Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Roadworkers at Kindergarten

A lot of busy children in the sandpit today working on making roads for the trucks to drive on. I like how you have put out your cones for safety so that no one drives where you are working. It was interesting to watch you work and I noticed what a great team you made, each of you had a different job as you worked together to make the roads. It's great to have a great big sandpit so we can all find space to work at Kindergarten. We have been talking about all the slips on the road on the way to Kindergarten from the storm and how we have seen so many roadworkers fixing the roads. I imagine they would like your roadworking expertise to help them too!


Leanne said...

Aiden said:
"I like it - thank you for putting it on the blog"

It is great to see Aiden and his friends working so well together and enjoying their time at Kindergarten. Great work guys maybe you could fix the slip on our road!

Love Mum & Dad

Breakaway Retreat said...

Liam, Alex and Mac, you are doing such a great job building roads in the sandpit, that we need your help fixing the roads here in Mcleod Bay.

Good to see you using the cones around your worksite. Great team work boys!

The Prossers