Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Riley's trip to Rarotonga

It's great to be back at Kindergarten after the holidays and we are enjoying listening to each others holiday stories. Today we watched a photostory of Bede's holiday to Rotorua and Taupo and saw movies of the Lions he saw. We also watched a movie about Emily going to Physiotherapy and all of the games she plays to help her muscles grow. Riley shared all about his holiday to Rarotonga at mat time yesterday, showing us photos he had put together on a big piece of paper. Today he made a book about Rarotonga, next he took photos of his book and made it into a photostory on the computer with Emma. We got to see Riley's movie at mat time. We look forward to seeing more photos and movies and hearing more stories too.


Mark and Debra said...

Hi Emily, Megan and Manaia Kindergarten,

It's great to see you have such a lovely time at kindy, we really love reading about your day.

It's no wonder Sam would prefer to stay with you.

C U Later love Daddyx

Treehouse Dwellers said...

What a great book Riley about your trip to Rarotonga and your parents wedding. A fantastic way to remember such a special occasion! - Beverly

Anonymous said...

Kia orana Riley
I love your book about Rarotonga. My nana lives in Rarotonga...it's such a beautiful place! You have added lots of posts to the Manaia Kindergarten blog, perhaps you could start your own blog! I would love to see photos of your trip to Rarotonga!

ECE ICT PL Facilitator