Monday, July 23, 2007

Megan's Dinosaur Story

This week we had green playdough. Megan and i sat down at the playdough tableand discussed what we could make that was green. The list was endless we tried making peas, frogs, leaves and DINOSAURS. Using our modelling skills we made a mummy dinosaur and with Emily's help we made a baby one too. We thought they might be hungry so we made a movie of them escaping to find some grass to munch on.
Story by Debra Carter (Megan's Mum)


Megan said...

Hi Megan,
I looked at your dinosaur story on the kindergarten blog and I thought it was great. I especially liked it when they went under the gate and got away!
See you again - Megan Cooke

Mark and Debra said...

Hi Megan,

It was great to see your dinosaur movie tonight when i got home what an excellent job you did. Nanny and Grandad will enjoy seeing it too.

Love form Daddy xxx

grandad john said...

hi megan, sam, emily and tilly. your dinosaurs were fantastic megan we thought they were real. do you think they will be able to make their way to england. we shall keep our eyes open and let you know if we spot them.

lots of love grandad and trudi

Breakaway Retreat said...

Hi Megan

Liam and Niall really enjoyed listening to your dinosaur story. Liam wanted to know how they walked off the table. Maybe you could show him at Kindergarten how they did it.

I really liked how mummy dinosaur kept close to the baby dinosaur when they went looking for the grass.

Well done Megan.

The Prossers.

Nanny & Grandad said...

Hi Megan,
We are back from our holiday so we can now see the dinosaur story in all it's glory.The story line is very good and we can't wait until you make your next story, we are very proud of you.

Lots of love Nanny and Grandad xxx

see you soon