Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Healthy Heart Award!

The National Heart Foundation presented an award to Manaia Kindergarten for creating an environment that promotes healthy food and physical activity. Amy accepted the certificate on behalf of all the children and the Leader newspaper will publish a photo. The children have worked hard learning about healthy foods and active movement - lots of this goes on at kindergarten! Keep up that healthy food in lunch boxes!


Nanny & Grandad said...

Hi Emily,

It's good to here about the award from the National Heart Foundation,Your mommy always said friut and active are good for you and now you can see she was rigth.It's a great photo of you all at kindy.

Lots of love Nanny and Grandad xxx

Tracey said...

I was so lucky to be at Kindergarten on the day of this award and to see the newspaper jounalist taking photos and making notes and the Heart Foundation representative giving out the special award. I think the children of Manaia Kindergarten are healthy and fit, glad to see that has been recognised.