Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Frozen Cold

Today at Kindergarten the temperature reading in the car was 3degrees. Its hard to remember a day this cold in Whangarei! The safety surface had a thick layer of ice - and the deck was like a skating rink. We had great fun skidding around on the ice. There were some wipe-outs too!! It was really cold to touch. It all melted quickly as the sun rose and we had a beautiful warm sunny day. I wonder what it looks like at Kindergartens when it SNOWS!! Here are some pics of our ice and our cold morning in Whangarei!

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Leanne said...

Aiden and his brothers logged onto the blog to see the Roadworks story together. Aiden got a big surprise to see himself in the 'chilly morning' photos as they weren't there when he looked at the blog at Kindy today. His little brother was very excited to see Aiden on the computer!