Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Engineers at work!

Look at the movie of our budding engineers and architects at Kindergarten over the last few days.


M. Knee and KinderKids said...

Hello Manaia Kindergarten!

What wonderful engineers you are. Your work is very precise. In about 5 weeks, my new class of KinderKids will be back at school. I can't wait. Our block area is my favorite place to observe and work. Perhaps you would like to be blogging buddies with my class. I'll keep checking your blog to learn what you are doing.

Maria Knee

Manaia kindergarten said...

Hi Maria
We would love to have blogging buddies. Please let us know your blog address. Thanks for leaving a comment on our blog.
Manaia Kindergarten Children

Venmore said...

We thought your buildings were great. The cars and animals looked very safe..... and what a long building nearly all the way out the door. We look forward to watching more.

Kesia said...

Cool Movie guys,
You are great engineers. Looks like you had a great Time making and building things.

Ruth said...

Hello Manaia Kindergarten!
It looks like everybody has been working very hard building and looking after all the animals. I hope that the blocks are not too heavy and that you are rembering to take a break. Grandad Tom in Ireland would be very happy for everybody to help him on the building site! I will keep checking to see all your hard work.
From Ruth (Liam Prosser's Aunty e-mailing from Ireland)

Mark said...

Hi Liam and everyone at Mania Kindy,

Your buildings look very good !!!! Liam you could bring your friends to Ireland to build houses with your Grandad and your uncles !!

Lots of Love
Barna, Galway, Ireland

Breakaway Retreat said...

We really like the houses and garages you have built. Looks like you put a lot of thought into your building work. Well done. Great team work. The Prossers

Kate said...

Hi everyone at Manaia Kindergarten. Megan said to look at your blogspot and its great! I liked reading about how cold it was.

Noah Barton-Smith said...

Hopefully you will get the last meeage from England. Mum is not sure what she is doing!