Monday, June 18, 2007

Riley's Photostory

"To MUM And DAD. This is a photostory. This is Riley's photostory about my time at Kindergarten. Love Riley"

Riley has taken his own photos with the digital camera. What a star! Riley and Beverly worked on this to put together a photo story where Riley was able to talk to all of his pictures. Riley really enjoyed wearing the headphone set and talked dynamically about the photos he had chosen to add to his story.


Kesia said...

Well done Riley - what an amazing photo story, you certainly are a very good story teller and have plenty to say. I am glad you think all of your teachers at Kindergarten are good teachers! I can't wait for you to bring in photos of your family so we can make another story about them.

Anonymous said...

Hi Riley
What an amazing Photo Story. You have lots to say about your fantastic teachers. I hope your Mum and Dad enjoyed your Photo Story too.
From Naketa

Linda said...

Kia ora Riley
I enjoyed listening to your story, and seeing the photographs that you have taken of your kindergarten.

I agree that you do have great teachers, and loads of interesting experiences at kindergarten!