Monday, June 18, 2007

Our Digital Photographer - Temiluca

Great Work Temiluca - you are thinking carefully about the photographs you are taking and how to get the best shot.

The children at Manaia Kindergarten have been exploring photography for over a year. Now they are looking at the way they take their photos and choosing which photos they like and putting them together in a photostory. Here is how it works....


Tarnz said...

You certainly love taking photos Temiluca. This is a great movie of you at work at Kindergarten. I hope your family get to watch this movie on our blog and leave comments too.

Breakaway Retreat said...

Hi Temiluca, Liam has really enjoying watching your movie while he has been at home sick with the flu. We can see that you were really thinking about the photographs you were taking.

The Prossers

Anonymous said...

Hi Temiluca
I like the way you are using the digital camera. I would love to see a photo story of all of your pictures.
Have a great day