Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Our day at Kindergarten

Today Oscar brought photos in on his digital camera. We loaded his memory stick into our computer and his photos were loaded onto our computer. We looked through the photos and were excited to see Oscar dressed up in the beekeepers safety gear! We also saw photos of Oscar's beehives and the equipment they use to make the honey at their house. We saw pictures of gorse and manuka flowers. Gorse makes pollen and manuka flowers make yummy honey! We printed out pictures which became another learning experience as we had to change the ink on the printer! What a lot of helpers Beverly had with this job. Once the printer was working again Oscar chose the pictures he wanted to print out. When Kerry arrived she wrote words on the photos explaining what they are. They are now laminated and hanging up with our "bee" display. Thanks again to Oscar and his family for creating a wonderful learning experience with us at Kindergarten.

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