Monday, June 11, 2007

Oscar's Honey

Oscar has beehives at home. Today he brought honey to Kindergarten in a frame from his beehive. We were able to look closely at the honeycomb and learn all about how bees make honey. Oscar and Kerry (Oscar's Mum) told us all about the beehives at their house and how they collect the honey. Oscar's Dad wears special protective gear and Oscar "smokes" the bees. Smoking the bees makes them all hide in their hive because they think a bush fire is coming. The best part was tasting the honey! After Kindergarten Beverly, Elliot (Oscar's sister) and Oscar looked at the honeycomb under the microscope


Tarnz said...

WOW Oscar, you know a lot about beehives, bees and how they make honey. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with the children and adults today at Kindergarten. It is great when we are all learning together. My favourite part was tasting your special honey. I hope Mum will bring some in for me to buy! Thanks for making the photostory so we can all remember the day the honey came to Kindergarten. Great work Oscar. Tania xx

Anonymous said...

Wow! Real Honey...Oscar you are so lucky. What a fantastic idea to share it with your fellow kindergarten friends. I like your Photo Story...have a great day!