Thursday, June 14, 2007

Max's Car

Today Max brought his car to Kindergarten and asked if we could make a movie about it. We took photos of his car in lots of different places at Kindergarten and then loaded them onto the computer. Max chose which pictures he wanted to use to make his "movie". We worked together to create a photostory with Max telling me what words to type on his pictures and Max choosing the colours. Then Max told a story to each of the pictures using the microphone and headset. Max listened to his story and then shared it with Anika, Tania and Beverly. Max is going to share his story at mat time too

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Tarnz said...

I really liked the way you knew exactly what you wanted to do today Max. You had a real plan and you made it happen. What a great movie about your car. It really can do lots of cool stunts.