Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Brown Bear Brown Bear what do you see?

Today Mia had out all of the animals for the Brown Bear story and was using them on the magnetic board. "We could make a photostory out of that" said Temiluca. What a great idea! Mia, Temiluca and Riley worked together having turns to say the words of the story. Ben joined in and had a turn at saying the words too. Mia, Riley and Temiluca all enjoyed listening to themselves retelling this favourite story. They look forward to sharing it at mattime with all of their Kindergarten friends. I am impressed with how well all of them remembered the words to the story and their confidence in retelling it using the microphone. What great work today!


Anonymous said...

Kia ora koutou;
Did you know that is my favourite book/story of all time! Thanks for sharing. Perhaps you could draw your very own pictures for the photo story?
Keep up the good work

Venmore said...

What great storytellers. You were all so clear. We loved the story and we are hoping our relatives in England will have a look too. Well done. We look forward to lots more.

mandaict said...

This is great, so good to see the kids are directing their own learning and doing the things that interest them. What clever kids you have, very independent !!

Ann said...

this looks like a great way to articulate what you know about stories-great job!

annhath said...

Hi there - what confident story tellers! I reckon Naketa's idea of drawing your own pictures for a story could be your next movie!

You might want to look at what 4-year-old Georgia did to make her name (with help from her dad). It's cool. Perhaps you could make your pictures in play dough or clay and then make a movie of these? Ann