Thursday, June 28, 2007

Izzy's Holiday

Izzy has been living in New Zealand with her family for about 6 months now. In a few weeks time they are moving back to the UK. Today we used Google Earth to look at where Izzy's house was in Colgate. We were able to zoom in and have a look at her house and the school where she will be going. We look forward to keeping in touch with Izzy and her family through our Kindergarten blog and emails. We hope Izzy will send us photos from the UK. We will all certainly miss Izzy and her family at Manaia Kindergarten. This movie shows lots of photos of Izzy's time in NZ and her holiday in Australia. Izzy worked very hard on commentating her photos and we love to listen to her. Good luck to you all back in the UK.

Our Favourite Animals

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Brown Bear Brown Bear what do you see?

Today Mia had out all of the animals for the Brown Bear story and was using them on the magnetic board. "We could make a photostory out of that" said Temiluca. What a great idea! Mia, Temiluca and Riley worked together having turns to say the words of the story. Ben joined in and had a turn at saying the words too. Mia, Riley and Temiluca all enjoyed listening to themselves retelling this favourite story. They look forward to sharing it at mattime with all of their Kindergarten friends. I am impressed with how well all of them remembered the words to the story and their confidence in retelling it using the microphone. What great work today!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Riley at Kindergarten

Riley's done it again. Here is another great movie - this time about the things Riley likes to do at Kindergarten. Great work, Riley - I wander what other great explorations you will have outdoors at Kindergarten.

Holly's Holiday

It has been great Holly to hear about your time in New Zealand and learn about the places you have visited and the things you have done. It was wonderful to see your photos and to share the stories. You seemed to really enjoy telling the stories and they brought back great memories for you. Now you are able to share these stories with your Grandma and all your friends in the UK. What a fantastic six month stay you have had in New Zealand. We hope to see you back here soon.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Mia's Carebear movie

Well Mia I certainly enjoyed working with you on making this movie - actually I mainly watched you - your words were... "Tania, I know what i'm doing". It was obviously time for me to sit back and watch you in action as you created a movie using the photos of your carebear visiting Kindergarten. (I was allowed to take the photos as you moved your carebear to various positions throughout Kindergarten.) Lilirose joined you as you worked together to decide the different animations you were going to add to your pictures. There was a lot of laughter as you watched your movie frame by frame and added more funny things. I am very impressed with your finished movie Mia and we all enjoyed watching it at mat time today. At the end of mat time I reminded you to show your family on your computer at home. I think you must have remembered to do this as there is a comment from Abbey waiting for you... I can't wait to hear what Mum and Dad thought of your movie.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The Gingerbread Man

We have been learning a new version of the story "The Gingerbread Man" - as the story is told on the CD we act out the story - first we make the Gingerbread Man by punching in the butter, flicking in the ginger and shaking in the flour - then we stir and roll to make a Gingerbread Man. The Gingerbread Man goes into the oven to bake and rises up, up, up, up, up, then the Little Old Lady opens the oven door and he goes down, down, down, down, down. When the Gingerbread Man is ready he jumps out of the oven and runs away - "Run, run, run, as fast as you can, you can't catch me i'm the Gingerbread Man" he says. He runs away from the Little Old Lady, a skipping lamb, a sliding snake and a wobbling alien. He runs and runs until he gets to a big wide river and a fox helps him across. The fox slowly gets the Gingerbread Man closer to his mouth, when he is on his nose, he opens his mouth, a little bit, a little bit, a little bit more until SNAP! That's the end of the Gingerbread Man.... We love this story and a getting really good at knowing all of the words and actions.

Today was the day we made the Gingerbread Man. There were lots of little foxes at Manaia Kindergarten who got to eat him all up!

Monday, June 18, 2007

Our Digital Photographer - Temiluca

Great Work Temiluca - you are thinking carefully about the photographs you are taking and how to get the best shot.

The children at Manaia Kindergarten have been exploring photography for over a year. Now they are looking at the way they take their photos and choosing which photos they like and putting them together in a photostory. Here is how it works....

Riley's Photostory

"To MUM And DAD. This is a photostory. This is Riley's photostory about my time at Kindergarten. Love Riley"

Riley has taken his own photos with the digital camera. What a star! Riley and Beverly worked on this to put together a photo story where Riley was able to talk to all of his pictures. Riley really enjoyed wearing the headphone set and talked dynamically about the photos he had chosen to add to his story.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Max's Car

Today Max brought his car to Kindergarten and asked if we could make a movie about it. We took photos of his car in lots of different places at Kindergarten and then loaded them onto the computer. Max chose which pictures he wanted to use to make his "movie". We worked together to create a photostory with Max telling me what words to type on his pictures and Max choosing the colours. Then Max told a story to each of the pictures using the microphone and headset. Max listened to his story and then shared it with Anika, Tania and Beverly. Max is going to share his story at mat time too

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Learning Processes through Art

Yesterday we learnt a process to create a piece of art. First we needed to use pastels to colour in our whole piece of card. This took alot of hard work and persistence to complete. Next we painted over our colours with black paint. The final step was to use a fork to scratch patterns which made our colours shine through. We quickly learnt this process and some of us worked hard to complete 1,2,3,4 or even 5 pieces of art! We also needed to remember to write our names on the back of our work before we painted or else it became very tricky. Have you seen this fabulous artwork?

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Another new toy!

gif animation

Our day at Kindergarten

Today Oscar brought photos in on his digital camera. We loaded his memory stick into our computer and his photos were loaded onto our computer. We looked through the photos and were excited to see Oscar dressed up in the beekeepers safety gear! We also saw photos of Oscar's beehives and the equipment they use to make the honey at their house. We saw pictures of gorse and manuka flowers. Gorse makes pollen and manuka flowers make yummy honey! We printed out pictures which became another learning experience as we had to change the ink on the printer! What a lot of helpers Beverly had with this job. Once the printer was working again Oscar chose the pictures he wanted to print out. When Kerry arrived she wrote words on the photos explaining what they are. They are now laminated and hanging up with our "bee" display. Thanks again to Oscar and his family for creating a wonderful learning experience with us at Kindergarten.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Oscar's Honey

Oscar has beehives at home. Today he brought honey to Kindergarten in a frame from his beehive. We were able to look closely at the honeycomb and learn all about how bees make honey. Oscar and Kerry (Oscar's Mum) told us all about the beehives at their house and how they collect the honey. Oscar's Dad wears special protective gear and Oscar "smokes" the bees. Smoking the bees makes them all hide in their hive because they think a bush fire is coming. The best part was tasting the honey! After Kindergarten Beverly, Elliot (Oscar's sister) and Oscar looked at the honeycomb under the microscope

Friday, June 1, 2007

Sam's Spiders Web Photo Story

Our own Artists!

Yesterday, Charmaine (Leo's Mum) bought in some exciting glass pebbles and some pieces of wood shaped like circles. We worked to glue the pebbles in patterns onto the boards. We are creating artwork to sell at our Art & Craft show on Monday. Today Charmaine bought in grout - grout is what we use to fill in all of the gaps between our glass pebbles. Charmaine thinks these would make great pot holders for the kitchen! They would be fantastic presents. Thanks Charmaine for coming up with a creative idea for us to try. We enjoyed working with you on this project. Come along to our Art & Craft fair and see what we have made.

Goldie the Pony comes to visit

Thanks Debra for bringing in your Pony to show us. We are looking forward to having rides on Goldie at the Art & Craft Show on Monday!