Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Sam's Spiders Web

Sam was the first to arrive at Kindergarten this morning and went outside to put out the swings with his Mum, Rebecca. Sam came rushing inside to ask for the camera as he had spotted a spider's web. It was a very misty cold morning and the spider's web was really standing out. Sam went off independently to take the photos and then came back with the camera to show me his shots. WOW, what an amazing spider's web. Sam was keen to print the photos out straight away and worked through the process of loading the photos and getting them ready to print with me. Sam showed his photos to everyone at mat time. Throughout the morning I heard other children asking Sam to show them his spider's web. During the morning, Sam asked to take more photos and came to show me more photos of his spider's web, this time with the sun shining on it. Again we printed out the pictures. I asked Sam if he would like to put together a photo story about his spider's web just like the one his Mum made about his soccer game. Sam was keen and we worked together to make a photo story. Tomorrow we will work together again on putting Sam's words with the pictures. Very soon you will be able to see Sam's photo story on our blog. Keep on checking!


Manaia kindergarten said...

There was a spiders web at my grandmas house and there was a cricket caught in there and there was a spider in it! I saw the spider running and the cricket couldn't get out. When the cricket was dead he ran down and ate it.

Manaia kindergarten said...

What amazing photos Sam!! You have really been able to catch the web on the sun light. Isn't it an incredible pattern the spider has made. Have you found out what the web is made out of? If you do find out I would love to know. cheers, Beverly

Manaia kindergarten said...

What an incredible story Riley about the cricket in the spider web. That must have been fascinating to watch. Cheers Beverly