Friday, June 1, 2007

Our own Artists!

Yesterday, Charmaine (Leo's Mum) bought in some exciting glass pebbles and some pieces of wood shaped like circles. We worked to glue the pebbles in patterns onto the boards. We are creating artwork to sell at our Art & Craft show on Monday. Today Charmaine bought in grout - grout is what we use to fill in all of the gaps between our glass pebbles. Charmaine thinks these would make great pot holders for the kitchen! They would be fantastic presents. Thanks Charmaine for coming up with a creative idea for us to try. We enjoyed working with you on this project. Come along to our Art & Craft fair and see what we have made.

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Manaia kindergarten said...

Wow everyone - what fantastic glass work. These look great and you all look like you are concentrating hard to make your designs. Did you get to sell them at the market?