Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Meeting the Schools

Today I (beverly) joined Parua Bay Primary, Onerahi Primay, and Whangarei Heads Primary in their ICT Cluster group meeting. I had an amazing oportunity to share with those schools the wonderful work the children and families at Manaia Kindergarten are exploring. They were very excited to see the capabilities of children as young as 3 using laptop computers, investigating nature through the use of the digital microscope, creating animated movies, taking photos, making photostories and becoming involved in blogs. Teachers from the three schools shared their integration of ICT into the various school sectors. Many of them are concentrating on Powerpoint and children are contributing to Powerpoint presentations and putting together books of their presentations that can be revisited even if they are unable to have their turn on the computer.

The schools have invited Manaia Kindergarten to be a part of their ICT cluster group and to attend these meetings when they occur once a term. This is a great opportunity to broaden our Learning Community. Who knows where this journey is going to take us all - but I know many people are very excited.

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Tarnz said...

Awesome work Beverly - you look like a real life presenter!!! Very impressed with your skills and look forward to hearing more when i get back! The blog is looking fantastic.