Monday, May 7, 2007

Our ICT Journey explained

Foundations for Discovery is the Ministry of Education's strategy for Information and Communications Technology in Early Childhood Education. Under that framework the Ministry is funding a professional learning programme in ICT. A major component of the programme is an action research investigation. Manaia Kindergarten is part of the pilot programme.

Manaia Kindergarten is part of the ICT ECE PL Programme. We are on a huge learning curve as a community, developing our ICT skills and sharing our learning together. The roles of the teacher and learner are completely blurred in this community. Often children can be seen teaching adults about the digital resources that are available to them throughout the day. The children's favourite has to be the Digital Blue Microscope. Everyday interesting insects are brought to Kindergarten and observed under the microscope. Photos and movies are made of the patient creatures and the children are able to share their discoveries on the laptop screen at mat time with children and parents. We have watched spiders spinning webs, see close up shots of the many eyes of flies and moths, we have watched crickets eat the insides of wasps - leaving just the shell... The children are thriving. When we can find no one to explain aspects of our discoveries we search the internet and gather indepth information. On this blog we hope to share with you are discoveries. Please contribute to this blog via Comments and share with us your learning.

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