Tuesday, May 29, 2007

ICT - Literacy & Science

Thursday 24th May - the day began with a phone call at 5.15am from Beverly to tell me she had "parked" her car in a paddock! We left Whangarei at 6.00am for a Professional Learning Day in Auckland, the venue being Auckland Botanical Gardens. After struggling in the morning rush we arrived ready for a coffee at the Botanical Gardens Cafe. A great day! Naketa and Linda, our facilitators encouraged and excited the group to gain more ICT knowledge and learn from each other. We had the opportunity to share skills and work in group situations to create podcasts, blogs and photo stories. Beverly and I enjoyed sharing skills we have gained with other Educators. We were able to showcase Aiden's preying mantis movie and talk about our learning experiences with the digital microscope. We always enjoy working alongside other Educators involved in this project, sharing stories and being inspired by each other. Just to make Beverly feel better about having an accident I organised a Policeman to come roaring up behind me, lights flashing, to give me a speeding ticket on the way home!

We have also explored RockYou online movie maker. Check out our efforts in the posting 2 April 07 - Parua Bay Primary Visits

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