Friday, June 1, 2007

Goldie the Pony comes to visit

Thanks Debra for bringing in your Pony to show us. We are looking forward to having rides on Goldie at the Art & Craft Show on Monday!


Manaia kindergarten said...

Emily and Megan, Goldie looks lovely. How was Goldie at the market? Who got to have a ride? She (?) looks very gentle - I hope I get to meet her too someday soon. cheers Beverly

sam said...

Hi Megan,Emily and Sam,
Hope your all doing well at kindy.Your very lucky that you have a pony I think Lucy and Amber would be very jealous especially as she's a chestnut(Amber's faveourite pony colour).Ask your mum about a pony called Domino-your pony has a similar expression!Bye Bye for now,Love Sam(Lucy and Ambers mummy)xxx