Wednesday, December 19, 2007

End of Year Celebrations

What a spectacular end to the year. Thanks to Dave for an awesome ride in his helicopter and helping us to bring gifts for Kindergarten to the End of year Celebration. Heaps of new equipment was unwrapped ready to explore and test at the party before delivering them to Kindergarten for 2008. It was great to mix and mingle, catch up with older siblings, enjoy the beach and the summer sun (yeah right) mingled with a good dose of drizzle. This didn't dampen our spirits and great fun was had by all. Thanks to Neil and Ian for slaving away at the BBQ - the susage sizzle was yummy. A huge thank you is passed on to Glenn, Russel, Rebecca and Angela for going the extra mile for the children at Manaia Kindergarten. Thanks to all the families for a wonderful year full of learning, support, cleaning, laughing, crying, baking, reading, cleaning and sharing. We wish you all safe and happy holidays.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

A song for Christmas!

Found this on Naketa's blog - ENJOY! Very clever.

Monday, December 3, 2007

Mrs Bunny (Rocket) comes to visit with....

After Pippen's visit Zoe wanted to ask Emma if she could bring in her Rabbit. Emma had emailed us while in South Africa to tell us that her Bunnies had had babies while she was away. So Emma brought in her Mother Bunny Rabbit (Rocket) and Baby Rabbit. Emma has said that we can name the baby. We have listed some names that the children at Manaia Kindergarten have come up with for the Baby Rabbit. You have your vote...(see the poll on the right)
Here is Rocket and Baby's day at Manaia Kindergarten.

Nutkin Squirrel spends the weekend at Rohan's house!

Rohan has been a great friend to Nutkin Squirrel since he arrived in New Zealand from America. Who better to take Nutkin home for his first weekend adventure... Rohan lives at Headland Farm Park at Parua Bay and this movie shows you the wonderful time they had together at Rohan's house. Rohan came to Kindergarten today very excited with photos on the digital camera to share. Rohan had a plan to put his photos together into a movie and used the microphone to record his story of his weekend with Nutkin Squirrel. I love your movie Rohan and can tell your family enjoyed having a visitor for the weekend. Thanks for sharing your story with everyone at Manaia Kindergarten. I know the Kindergarten Tales children in America will enjoy watching your movie too. We look forward to their comments.

Friday, November 30, 2007

A visitor from Russia!

Anya has moved to New Zealand from Russia and is living at McLeods Bay. Anya came to Kindergarten today to introduce us to Yoga. Anya brought along a "Matreshka" - Russian Doll - to share with us. At mat time we looked at the Matreshka and were amazed as we had turns to open each doll. Remember how many dolls there were? 12 Dolls ranging in size from BIG to very, very little! Anya then took us on a yoga adventure. We began by being Mountains, stretching way up high into the sky - we turned into Eagles with long tails and big wings, stretching our bodies. Next we were cobras on the ground... We also made turtle shapes, cat shapes and boats with our bodies. It was an amazing adventure moving our bodies into different positions. Tania and Beverly were amazed at our concentration skills and our ability to move our bodies into the shapes. We look forward to Anya visiting again - next time it will be a journey to South Africa! Anya is offering Yoga classes for children, see Tania or Beverly for information.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Pippens long stay at Manaia

We have been enjoying Pippen at Manaia Kindergarten for a whole week. We have learnt about keeping animals well feed and making sure they have water. We have cleaned her cage giving her fresh straw and newspaper. She loves to hid under the clean straw. Onerahi Kindergarten taught us to make a circle with our feet to keep Pippen safe with us when she is out of the cage. When we held Pippen we knew to hold her gently - because she is just small and it is our job to protect her. We loved feeding Pippen carrot weed - and she loved eating it. Once she escaped from her safe circle of friends and hid in the shade. Guniea Pigs can run fast. Zoe loved giving Pippen cuddles and asked if we could have a Guniea Pig at Manaia Kindergarten all the time. We decided we would talk to Emma about bringing in her pet rabbit (Rocket) and her new babybunny. We will wait until next week to talk to Emma.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Fire Engine Visits Manaia

A long time ago Riley wrote a letter to the fire department asking if a fire engine could visit Manaia Kindergarten. Riley waited and waited and eventually (after phoning to remind Scott - Tania's husband) a day was organised for the Fire Engine to visit. We knew today was the day when we heard the fire engine's siren's off in the distance, sure enough it turned into Manaia Kindergarten's driveway. We had great fun checking out the firefighters special fire proof gear - coat, gloves, helmet, boots and trousers and talked about the safety issues - why do Firefighters need to wear special gear? Tania showed us how it looked on! We learnt all about the Fire Fighters breathing apparatus and Scott put it on for us and we heard the sound that it makes. Scott explained that if we were in a fire and heard that noise we would know we were safe as the Firefighters were coming to get us. We all had a turn at seeing how the fire hose worked and turning it on and off. We explored inside the Fire Engine and some of us had turns at turning on the siren. What a great morning learning about Fire Engines and Fire safety. Check out the video to see the amazing fun we had today with the fire engine.

Thanks Scott for visiting and showing us the fire engine.

Tunnel Rolling

A day of thinking of new innovative ideas at Kindergarten today for Raquel and Maggie. I was standing outside when suddenly this long red "creature" came rolling towards me! I think I would have been scared had I not heard the giggling sounds coming from inside! What was it? It was Maggie and Raquel rolling there way through Kindergarten in the tunnel. It took alot of physical energy and coordination to get the long tunnel moving. They worked as a team to move the tunnel from one end of the grass to the middle. Temiluca thought they had a great plan and jumped in to help them. They found it was a lot harder to move in time with 3 people inside. At mat time today we showed all of the children Maggie & Raquel's movie of the rolling tunnel and lots of other children gave it a go today. It is great that we continue to try out new ideas at Kindergarten and share our ideas with friends! I wonder what will happen next!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Mr Squirrel's First Day at Manaia Kindergarten NZ

What an exciting day at Manaia Kindergarten. We had a HUGE parcel arrive from the USA, from our friends at Kindergarten Tales. We had an exciting time at mat time opening our parcel and meeting Mr Squirrel and looking at all of our books about squirrels. We read our new books throughout the session while Mr Squirrel had a good look around his new home. THANKS HEAPS to our very special friends at Kindergarten Tales. We will take great care of Mr Squirrel and keep you up to date with what he is up to in New Zealand. We can't wait for you to recieve your parcel from us....


Lots of Love

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

A message from Emma.

Check out Emma's excellent blog We have especially enjoyed watching the movies of the animals - baboons, lions, emus and elephants... so much to see in South Africa. Luckily we haven't had to pay any money to travel... Thanks Emma for sharing your adventures with us.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Animated Faces

Guess who these wacky faces belong to?

Friday, November 9, 2007

Pippen Visits from Onerahi Kindergarten

Eleanor read a story to a small group of children and in the story there was a picture of two small animals. Eleanor asked the group if they knew what kind of animal they were. Some children thought they were rats, others were not so sure. Eleanor said that they were actually Guinea Pigs. Tegan said she had never seen a guinea pig before and that when Eleanor told us about Pippen. Pippen is the pet guinea pig that lives at Onerahi Kindergarten. Today Eleanor brought Pippen in for a visit. We had a great time with Pippen. She was a quiet, patient guinea pig who loved cuddles and eating grass. She ate all the grass we fed her and squeaked with joy. We loved her noises too. We enjoyed Pippen's stay so much that today we sent a fax to Onerahi Kindergarten asking if Pippen could come and visit for a week... Here is a movie about Pippen's visit. Thanks to Eleanor (our teacher while Tania is away) and Helen (Head teacher at Onerahi) for organising this first introduction to Pippen, the guinea pig. We look forward to her longer stay.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

What only a Mum can say...

Thought it was time for the Mums (and Dads) to have a bit of a laugh at themselves, reflect and enjoy...

Thanks to Sharon Carlson, ICT Facilitor for the Central North Island, for sharing this with us all.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Shapes at Manaia Kindergarten

Over the past week we have been working on a project about Shapes. This project was inspired by a movie created by Kindergarten Tales in Chicago, USA. We talked about shapes at mat time and it was amazing where they found shapes they could name. The children took turns with all three cameras at the Kindergarten and found shapes they recognised inside, outside and in their lunchboxes. We put a movie together today to share with our friends in the USA. Here is what Manaia Kindergarten children created with the photos they shot...

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Justin's Movie

Justin has enjoyed using the camera this week. Yesterday and today we watched Justin tour the Kindergarten, aiming his camera and thoughtfully taking his photos. Today Justin sat on the swings and watched the going-ons outside - picking up the camera from time to time and taking a photo. Justin really wanted to print his pictures out and chose 9 of his favourite to print. Then he created this movie...

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Learning the Monkey Bars

Mac said "Tania, I can do the monkey bars, take a photo of me" - that is what we did. Mac wanted to put his photos on the blog so "mum and dad and opa and Howie can see them"... Here are Mac's photos. Mac is practicing and practicing and developing his muscles so he can make it all the way across the monkey bars. At the moment he can make 2 monkey bars.. Good Luck Mac!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

KinderOlympics 2007

What an awesome day we had at the KinderOlympics. Tony drove us in the bus to Okara Park where we had a quick bit to eat before taking part in the March Past with all the other kindergartens that attended. There was a lot of excitement and hundreds of other children at the Olympics. We began our first activity - sack races then moved through the other 6 challenges. We kicked balls, jumped hoops, threw beanbags, crawled tunnels, rolled, ran, bounced - check it all out on the movie.

Thanks to all the parents who joined in this years KinderOlympics. Everything ran smoothly.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007


At the recent conferences Tania and I attended we took note of new ideas to challenge the children with. We have observed these ideas in action, reflected on their implementation, and come up with revised ideas to explore with the children at Manaia Kindergarten. Exploring resources such as the ones you can see on the movie below, provides children with creative opportunities as well as exploring Math and Science concepts. The children choose from a range of resources, glass beads, grey stones, animals, feathers,... and create patterns, shapes, words, designs. When their creation is complete they use the digital camera to document their work, and then they sort the resources back into the boxes.

Here is the beginning of this new journey for them...

When Emily and Megan began to explore these resources their brother and their sister joined them. The four siblings worked together - exploring, sharing, helping. Emily was so excited about it all that she said she wanted the photos she took on the blog (see movie above). Here are the four of them - enjoying Kindergarten together.

Mac's Farmyard Story

Mac arrived at Kindergarten today with a plan. Mac's plan was to build a farm with all of the animals, he wanted to take photos of it and specifically wanted it "on the blog". Mac's Mum told me that Mac looks at the blog every night and is very interested it what is on it. Mac worked really hard with his friend Liam to organise his farm. They build paddocks using different sized pieces of wood and tried out a variety of animals in each paddock before they came up with the finished farm. Next it was time to download the photos I had taken and make it into a movie. Mac knew he wanted to talk on the movie so we went into the office to use the microphone. Mac showed amazing confidence in talking to his pictures and knew exactly what he wanted to say. As we were saving Mac's movie the computer "crashed" - what a disappointment.. "Will it still be on the blog?" Mac asked. I had to explain that we would have to do it all over again... Mac showed amazing perserverence as he worked through the whole process again. I was very impressed with his persistence and know he was happy with his finished product. "Can you put it on the blog now?" Mac asked... Well here it is Mac. I know your Mum and Dad and family will be very proud of you just like I am. I look forward to their comments.

Email to Friend

Monday, October 15, 2007

Holiday Stories

On our first day back for term 4, everyone wanted to share their holiday stories... here are their stories.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Artists in Action

Term 4 2007 – with the idea of an art exhibition in mind we have decided to explore the variety of art mediums we have available at Kindergarten. This will be an ideal opportunity to introduce the various mediums and options to many of our new children at Kindergarten and to increase our knowledge of following processes. We have no finished “product” in mind and are excited by the possibilities.

We begin – using cardboard, sponges, rollers and a variety of paint colours. We talked to the children about our ideas and about how we would like to start by painting a background. Children were able to choose their colours and method of painting their background. All the way through we discussed ideas of “what next” and the children came up with ideas of using different coloured paint, including shapes, drawing pictures… At mat time we talked about what we had done and looked at various children’s work – we discussed ideas of what we could do tomorrow and reminded children about planning and thinking about ideas. Parents also were involved with the ideas process and Hunderwasser was mentioned… Angie phoned the library to see if any books available but were all out….

The next day – we used the internet to find Hunderwasser pictures and printed them out and laminated. These pictures were displayed on the art table for inspiration! Riley was involved in setting up the table and chose the paints he thought would work best and got these ready. Pastels were also available. We experimented with pencils and vivids. Some children decided to draw their picture first with pencil or vivid, others decided to use paint and/or pastels. Our pictures are looking amazing….. We are impressed with the persistence being displayed by our children and the thought processes they are using to design and create their masterpieces. We talked to the children about buying special gold and silver pens to outline their pictures and add special effects. Again children’s work was showcased at mat time, pointing out the various ways children had used art mediums.

What happens next….

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Ulearn 07 - Presentation Evaluation

  • Please comment on how you feel about the course content, format and presentation?
  • Do you have any suggestions as to ways in which this workshop programme might be improved or developed for future sessions?
  • We would love to hear your comments on our presentation/children's work/and blogging in general.
  • Remember to look through the blog and leave comments for the children under their posts.

Rotorua - ECE Convention

Tania and I have been without the internet for a week - but we haven't stopped working and we haven't stopped having fun!! The Early Childhood Convention in Rotorua was busy, inspiring, and a great team building event. We have put a small movie together to show you the highlights. After completing the movie we realised that there is very little of the actual convention in the hightlights - but a photo of a lecture is hardly inspiring. Rest assured - we are coming back to Kindergarten with new and challenging ideas.
Check out what we have been up to for the first week of the holidays...

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Answers from our American Friends

How awesome - the children at Kindergarten Tales
have responded to our questions. You can see their answers here. Check them out.
Over the holidays maybe you could think of the stories you would like to share with our American friends about your holiday adventures.

Don't forget to keep checking in as Tania and I travel to Rotorua and Auckland and show others how much everyone is enjoying having a kindergarten blog.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Dear Friends in America...

Our friends in America asked us some questions about life in NZ You can see them on their classblog here Kindergarten Tales. We have answered their questions and then come up with some questions we would like to ask them. We look forward to their response. It is great that we can be learning with children on the other side of the world!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Dad's Fish and Chips Night

We have been looking forward to this night for weeks. We have been learning the Fish and Chips song and looking forward to singing and dancing with our Dad’s. Tonight was the night! We arrived at Kindergarten and it was still light enough to play outside for awhile. We showed our Dad’s our portfolios and our work displayed on the walls. We read stories and did puzzles. Soon it was time for mat time, time to dance and sing the Fish and Chip song before we got to eat our YUMMY Fish and chips! It was a great picnic with all of our friends and Dads eating off the paper with lots of tomato sauce to share around. Tidy up time came far too quickly but luckily there was a special fairy cake to eat (THANKS Debra!) while Beverly read us a bedtime story. Home to bed to dream about eating Fish and Chips. We look forward to our next event!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Shea's Paintings

"I want to put a painting on the blog for my brother..."

Painting for my brother

Octopus for my mother

A painting of my Dad's dog

Sharing their learning

After watching the movie of their house boat building - Shea and Mia talked about their building experience. Here's what they had to say...

Monday, September 10, 2007

Megan conquers the Monkey Bars!

After many months of practicing and persistence with the monkey bars, today was the day! The day you made it right across the monkey bars! All of your friends were very proud of you and came running to tell me, the look on your face said it all, you were also very proud of yourself! I quickly ran to get the camera to take photos of this momentous day in action. I was very impressed when you did it again Megan – all the way to the other side, a look of determination on your face and your tongue out! Well done Megan, you have now joined the very special “club” of those who have conquered those monkey bars! Now it is time for you help other children, remind them to practice and encourage them too. I wonder who will be next to conquer the monkey bars?

Friday, September 7, 2007

The Boat House

What a great time building the Boat House - just like the place that Dad lives.
These two engineers built boat house after boat house. When they finished one they enjoyed knocking it down and creating a new one. Eventually everyone wanted a boat house and the mat was covered with colourful creative structures.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Blog Friendships with America!

Cindy has been leaving comments on our Kindergarten blog over the last few months. We have been eagerly awaiting Cindy's school year to start in America so we can see her class blog which she has just set up. Tania and Beverly have started talking with Cindy using skype on the computer and it is exciting to talk about Kindergarten together. Yesterday we had the opportunity to look at Cindy's class blog. How exciting when we saw they had built The Great Wall of China just like us! It was funny to see a photo of Alex and Liam on their blog... it wasn't our Alex or Liam though! We look forward to keeping an eye on their blog and posting more comments. It will be great to get ideas from each other and see what different things happen at Kindergarten in America. Thanks Cindy and all the Kindergarten children!

A day for Painting!

This kept us busy for hours! There's alot of fences to paint at Kindergarten and today was a beautiful sunny day - just perfect weather for painting. It was great to see such amazing team work again... lots of sharing and working together to paint a whole section of the fence. Well done Manaia Kindergarten children.

Kindergarten Cross Country

Thursday, August 30, 2007

The Eclipse of the Moon

It was too late at night for many of our children to watch this spectacular event. So I took the photos and made a movie. The children were able to see the eclipse of the moon in a fraction of the time it took. There was much interest, and some children watched it over and over again.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Explorations in Art

Manaia Kindergarten children continue to explore paint and texture, sculpture and collage. They have been keen to share their work on the blog. Much of what you will see in this video has been created as decorations for our up-coming Fish&Chip evening with Dad's (a Father's Day celebration). Check it out and feel free to contribute your thoughts and encouragement.

Still Sewing!!!

Friday, August 24, 2007


We made a promise and the children were hyped for the occassion. Party books were brought, decorations made, food contributed...

Thanks to everyone who helped with party celebrations, who visits our blog, who have left comments... we really appreciate your support. We hope the Blog continues to be a source of excitement as we share our learning with you.

A special movie for Grandad Scott in the UK

Emily worked so hard on this sewing for her Grandad Scott. It took Emily a very long time and she really showed amazing persistence. Emily was very proud of what she had made and wanted to show Grandad her work via the blog. We look forward to his comments!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Another of Sewing Stars!

Sewing Stars at Manaia Kindergarten

WOW Sewing has really taken off at Manaia Kindergarten and we are becoming competent at sewing! We begin by drawing a picture on the hessian, choosing what colour wool we would like to use, threading the needle and beginning our stitches. Tania helps us with threading the needle and tying knots at the end so our wool doesn't come undone. Everyone is very impressed with how quick we are to pick up sewing skills and the amazing creations we are producing. We are becoming sewing experts!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Shea’s Painting

“I put tops in there and lots of blue on the bottom and yellow on the top…. And Aliens and skeletons !!!!!
See the picture you can make it a different colour”

Shea created this masterpiece on the Digital Blue Microscope software.

Shea's Movie

Shea has waited a long time to have his movie up on our Blog. Today Shea wanted to put the movie up together with the teachers. He also wants to a movie he made about bugs onto the blog.
Heres Shea's story about his time at Kindergarten.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Farewell Oscar

Today we had to say Good-bye to Oscar. Keri, his Mum, came in for the celebrations and made pikelets with the children. What a wonderful morning it was - many of the children and parents sitting around the table enjoying eachothers company and helping eachother as we shook up the cream, flip the pikelets, spread on the jam, and enjoyed the taste. Safety issues were discussed, taking turns was essentials, observing techniques, tasting something new for some children were some of the learning skills that were practiced... with a tasty reward in the end.

Awesome Art


What fantastic artists we have at kindergarten. The art area is a-buzz with activity. It is great having natural resources for everyone to experiment with. Often children have ideas about what they want to accomplish at the art table and they find the resources they need to achieve this. It is great to look at our art and think about how it makes us feel. We have been celebrating our art by putting our artwork on the walls. Now we have other opportunities too - to put our visual art ideas to music and share them with the world.

Designer Children!

"Welcome" from Manaia Kindergarten Children. We have recreated ourselves in artwork that is displayed around the walls of our Kindergarten. We had a photo taken of our faces and then we are able to recreate our bodies with painted shapes including our arms legs, sometimes we add fingers and toes. It is great to use colours to explore and express ourselves.

Monday, August 13, 2007

A post from Tania

Hi Everyone
It was great to visit Kindergarten and see you all today. I am very proud that we have had over 1000 visitors to our blog and had to come out to celebrate with you. I hope you all enjoyed our chocolate cake with 1000 on it! We will have a REAL PARTY when Beverly, Emma and I are all at Kindergarten very soon. Have a great week with Annette. See you all soon
Lots of Love

PS - Ask Emma or Beverly to load the photo of the cake onto our blog! Thanks.


Saturday, August 4, 2007

The Library Bus

Living out on the Whangarei Heads, with the Kindergarten on the shores of the harbour is magical. Access to a library, however, could be difficult - if it wasn't for the great service of the Whangarei Library Bus!! Once a MONTH :-) the bus rolls down our road and comes to a halt outside our front door. The cheers from the children can be heard by the Librarian Wendy, driving the bus. They rush to the gate to watch as Wendy sets the bus up for eager readers. We traipse on in groups of four – scavenge through the shelves to find a book to treasure for a month, sit on the bean bags or the steps of the bus to check out our find and then give our books to Wendy to process. We then race back to Kindergarten and open new worlds of words and illustrations. We love the days when the Library Bus comes to Kindergarten.

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Congratulations Manaia!

To stop the sound on this RockYou movie - click on the microphone at the bottom left of the movie picture.

Healthy Heart Award!

The National Heart Foundation presented an award to Manaia Kindergarten for creating an environment that promotes healthy food and physical activity. Amy accepted the certificate on behalf of all the children and the Leader newspaper will publish a photo. The children have worked hard learning about healthy foods and active movement - lots of this goes on at kindergarten! Keep up that healthy food in lunch boxes!

Monday, July 30, 2007

New carpentry tools at Kindergarten

What a busy day at Kindergarten today using all of our new tools. Tania had a shopping spree at Bunnings on the weekend and we have new drills, hammers, saws, pliers, levels, sandpaper, screwdrivers, ear muffs and safety googles. We are learning how to use our tools correctly and safetly at Kindergarten. We are making amazing creations.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Gingerbread Men Haka!!

Wow - the children loved watching this link we found on Naketa's blog. Click on the Gingerbread men and have a look!

So that's where the Gingerbread Man ran - to watch the best Rugby Team in the world!
Go the Gingerbread Men (go the All Blacks!)
If the link on the photo doesn't work for you - check it out on YouTube - here

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Skype video call

Frozen Cold

Today at Kindergarten the temperature reading in the car was 3degrees. Its hard to remember a day this cold in Whangarei! The safety surface had a thick layer of ice - and the deck was like a skating rink. We had great fun skidding around on the ice. There were some wipe-outs too!! It was really cold to touch. It all melted quickly as the sun rose and we had a beautiful warm sunny day. I wonder what it looks like at Kindergartens when it SNOWS!! Here are some pics of our ice and our cold morning in Whangarei!

Roadworkers at Kindergarten

A lot of busy children in the sandpit today working on making roads for the trucks to drive on. I like how you have put out your cones for safety so that no one drives where you are working. It was interesting to watch you work and I noticed what a great team you made, each of you had a different job as you worked together to make the roads. It's great to have a great big sandpit so we can all find space to work at Kindergarten. We have been talking about all the slips on the road on the way to Kindergarten from the storm and how we have seen so many roadworkers fixing the roads. I imagine they would like your roadworking expertise to help them too!

Monday, July 23, 2007

Megan's Dinosaur Story

This week we had green playdough. Megan and i sat down at the playdough tableand discussed what we could make that was green. The list was endless we tried making peas, frogs, leaves and DINOSAURS. Using our modelling skills we made a mummy dinosaur and with Emily's help we made a baby one too. We thought they might be hungry so we made a movie of them escaping to find some grass to munch on.
Story by Debra Carter (Megan's Mum)

Friday, July 20, 2007

The Great Wall of China

Eleanor, our great friend at Manaia Kindergarten is overseas on a wonderful adventure. She recently emailed us and told us about her trip to China and visiting the Great Wall of China. The children were so impressed by the wall that they decided to try and use their engineering skill and build their own Great Wall of China. We printed out some photos of The Wall and the children set to work. See the process and the results...

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Aimee examines a bumble bee...

"Nana found this bumble bee for me Tania" - Aimee arrived at Kindergarten with a plan to examine her bumble bee under the digital microscope. I helped Aimee to turn on the laptop and away she went. Aimee was able to put the bee under the microscope and focus on many different parts of the bee. I heard Aimee telling other children about her bumble bee and Lilirose came to sit and work with Aimee too. Aimee took photos of her bee and asked - "teach me how to print them". Aimee chose 4 photos to print out and then cut them out and glued them on paper to take home. I was most impressed with the knowledge Aimee showed using the digital microscope, I know Aimee has learnt the necessary skills to use the digital microscope and has the ability to work with other children and share these skills with them. We will have to share your photos with other children Aimee. Perhaps we can put your photos together in a photostory to share on our blog too... I wonder what else we can learn about bumble bees?

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Engineers at work!

Look at the movie of our budding engineers and architects at Kindergarten over the last few days.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Riley's trip to Rarotonga

It's great to be back at Kindergarten after the holidays and we are enjoying listening to each others holiday stories. Today we watched a photostory of Bede's holiday to Rotorua and Taupo and saw movies of the Lions he saw. We also watched a movie about Emily going to Physiotherapy and all of the games she plays to help her muscles grow. Riley shared all about his holiday to Rarotonga at mat time yesterday, showing us photos he had put together on a big piece of paper. Today he made a book about Rarotonga, next he took photos of his book and made it into a photostory on the computer with Emma. We got to see Riley's movie at mat time. We look forward to seeing more photos and movies and hearing more stories too.

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Something to think about...

Came across this while doing my holiday internet readings....

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Izzy's Holiday

Izzy has been living in New Zealand with her family for about 6 months now. In a few weeks time they are moving back to the UK. Today we used Google Earth to look at where Izzy's house was in Colgate. We were able to zoom in and have a look at her house and the school where she will be going. We look forward to keeping in touch with Izzy and her family through our Kindergarten blog and emails. We hope Izzy will send us photos from the UK. We will all certainly miss Izzy and her family at Manaia Kindergarten. This movie shows lots of photos of Izzy's time in NZ and her holiday in Australia. Izzy worked very hard on commentating her photos and we love to listen to her. Good luck to you all back in the UK.

Our Favourite Animals

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Brown Bear Brown Bear what do you see?

Today Mia had out all of the animals for the Brown Bear story and was using them on the magnetic board. "We could make a photostory out of that" said Temiluca. What a great idea! Mia, Temiluca and Riley worked together having turns to say the words of the story. Ben joined in and had a turn at saying the words too. Mia, Riley and Temiluca all enjoyed listening to themselves retelling this favourite story. They look forward to sharing it at mattime with all of their Kindergarten friends. I am impressed with how well all of them remembered the words to the story and their confidence in retelling it using the microphone. What great work today!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Riley at Kindergarten

Riley's done it again. Here is another great movie - this time about the things Riley likes to do at Kindergarten. Great work, Riley - I wander what other great explorations you will have outdoors at Kindergarten.

Holly's Holiday

It has been great Holly to hear about your time in New Zealand and learn about the places you have visited and the things you have done. It was wonderful to see your photos and to share the stories. You seemed to really enjoy telling the stories and they brought back great memories for you. Now you are able to share these stories with your Grandma and all your friends in the UK. What a fantastic six month stay you have had in New Zealand. We hope to see you back here soon.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Mia's Carebear movie

Well Mia I certainly enjoyed working with you on making this movie - actually I mainly watched you - your words were... "Tania, I know what i'm doing". It was obviously time for me to sit back and watch you in action as you created a movie using the photos of your carebear visiting Kindergarten. (I was allowed to take the photos as you moved your carebear to various positions throughout Kindergarten.) Lilirose joined you as you worked together to decide the different animations you were going to add to your pictures. There was a lot of laughter as you watched your movie frame by frame and added more funny things. I am very impressed with your finished movie Mia and we all enjoyed watching it at mat time today. At the end of mat time I reminded you to show your family on your computer at home. I think you must have remembered to do this as there is a comment from Abbey waiting for you... I can't wait to hear what Mum and Dad thought of your movie.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The Gingerbread Man

We have been learning a new version of the story "The Gingerbread Man" - as the story is told on the CD we act out the story - first we make the Gingerbread Man by punching in the butter, flicking in the ginger and shaking in the flour - then we stir and roll to make a Gingerbread Man. The Gingerbread Man goes into the oven to bake and rises up, up, up, up, up, then the Little Old Lady opens the oven door and he goes down, down, down, down, down. When the Gingerbread Man is ready he jumps out of the oven and runs away - "Run, run, run, as fast as you can, you can't catch me i'm the Gingerbread Man" he says. He runs away from the Little Old Lady, a skipping lamb, a sliding snake and a wobbling alien. He runs and runs until he gets to a big wide river and a fox helps him across. The fox slowly gets the Gingerbread Man closer to his mouth, when he is on his nose, he opens his mouth, a little bit, a little bit, a little bit more until SNAP! That's the end of the Gingerbread Man.... We love this story and a getting really good at knowing all of the words and actions.

Today was the day we made the Gingerbread Man. There were lots of little foxes at Manaia Kindergarten who got to eat him all up!

Monday, June 18, 2007

Our Digital Photographer - Temiluca

Great Work Temiluca - you are thinking carefully about the photographs you are taking and how to get the best shot.

The children at Manaia Kindergarten have been exploring photography for over a year. Now they are looking at the way they take their photos and choosing which photos they like and putting them together in a photostory. Here is how it works....

Riley's Photostory

"To MUM And DAD. This is a photostory. This is Riley's photostory about my time at Kindergarten. Love Riley"

Riley has taken his own photos with the digital camera. What a star! Riley and Beverly worked on this to put together a photo story where Riley was able to talk to all of his pictures. Riley really enjoyed wearing the headphone set and talked dynamically about the photos he had chosen to add to his story.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Max's Car

Today Max brought his car to Kindergarten and asked if we could make a movie about it. We took photos of his car in lots of different places at Kindergarten and then loaded them onto the computer. Max chose which pictures he wanted to use to make his "movie". We worked together to create a photostory with Max telling me what words to type on his pictures and Max choosing the colours. Then Max told a story to each of the pictures using the microphone and headset. Max listened to his story and then shared it with Anika, Tania and Beverly. Max is going to share his story at mat time too

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Learning Processes through Art

Yesterday we learnt a process to create a piece of art. First we needed to use pastels to colour in our whole piece of card. This took alot of hard work and persistence to complete. Next we painted over our colours with black paint. The final step was to use a fork to scratch patterns which made our colours shine through. We quickly learnt this process and some of us worked hard to complete 1,2,3,4 or even 5 pieces of art! We also needed to remember to write our names on the back of our work before we painted or else it became very tricky. Have you seen this fabulous artwork?

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Another new toy!

gif animation

Our day at Kindergarten

Today Oscar brought photos in on his digital camera. We loaded his memory stick into our computer and his photos were loaded onto our computer. We looked through the photos and were excited to see Oscar dressed up in the beekeepers safety gear! We also saw photos of Oscar's beehives and the equipment they use to make the honey at their house. We saw pictures of gorse and manuka flowers. Gorse makes pollen and manuka flowers make yummy honey! We printed out pictures which became another learning experience as we had to change the ink on the printer! What a lot of helpers Beverly had with this job. Once the printer was working again Oscar chose the pictures he wanted to print out. When Kerry arrived she wrote words on the photos explaining what they are. They are now laminated and hanging up with our "bee" display. Thanks again to Oscar and his family for creating a wonderful learning experience with us at Kindergarten.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Oscar's Honey

Oscar has beehives at home. Today he brought honey to Kindergarten in a frame from his beehive. We were able to look closely at the honeycomb and learn all about how bees make honey. Oscar and Kerry (Oscar's Mum) told us all about the beehives at their house and how they collect the honey. Oscar's Dad wears special protective gear and Oscar "smokes" the bees. Smoking the bees makes them all hide in their hive because they think a bush fire is coming. The best part was tasting the honey! After Kindergarten Beverly, Elliot (Oscar's sister) and Oscar looked at the honeycomb under the microscope

Friday, June 1, 2007

Sam's Spiders Web Photo Story

Our own Artists!

Yesterday, Charmaine (Leo's Mum) bought in some exciting glass pebbles and some pieces of wood shaped like circles. We worked to glue the pebbles in patterns onto the boards. We are creating artwork to sell at our Art & Craft show on Monday. Today Charmaine bought in grout - grout is what we use to fill in all of the gaps between our glass pebbles. Charmaine thinks these would make great pot holders for the kitchen! They would be fantastic presents. Thanks Charmaine for coming up with a creative idea for us to try. We enjoyed working with you on this project. Come along to our Art & Craft fair and see what we have made.

Goldie the Pony comes to visit

Thanks Debra for bringing in your Pony to show us. We are looking forward to having rides on Goldie at the Art & Craft Show on Monday!