Monday, November 24, 2014

Experiencing Drainlaying

Talk about authentic experiential learning! Our day of drainlaying with the Aaron and Shane, the hugely patient crew from Manaia Excavators, was a thoroughly satisfying day for a group of three and four year olds at Manaia Kindergarten.  They asked many thoughtful questions as they watched Aaron and Shane dig with their shovels, pump tanks, sort out drainpipes, and use the big digger to move rocks and dig ditches. Every step of the way,  the children were there with their shovels, diggers and trucks to help out where they could - all the while keeping themselves safe from the big machine!


Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Nature Programme Taster

Yesterday our nature programme kaiawhina(helpers) led a trip down to the Kiteone Road Reserve. This was a wonderful opportunity for them to share their knowledge and the skills they have developed whilst on the nature programme. As we do at the start of each nature trip we got into groups and the children each took turns with the talking ball sharing what they would like to do down at the reserve and one thing they do to keep themselves safe. With the support of our parent helpers we then headed down the path to the beach.
We could see kindergarten from the path
Molly said "I liked taking my Grandad"
Paige said "I was too tired to walk up the hill"

Carys enjoyed some fishing.
Lia said she liked fishing and finding an eel.

We measured how deep the water was in the stream by how far it came up our boots

We enjoyed a game of hide and seek

Harper said he liked playing duck, duck goose!

We found lots of places to hide.
Scarlett liked playing hide and seek.

Zeke liked "fishing and kneeing up the hill"
commando crawling because his legs were tired!

Sofie had fun splashing in the stream.
Zoe also said she liked "splashing in the puddles".

Ooh thick stinking mud. Caleb said he liked "walking in the
water and thumping in the mud"

Thank you to all our fantastic parent helpers and our kaiawhina for sharing all the fun that can be had on the nature programme. We can't wait until it's our turn.Sally

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Budding Authors

Thank you Room 3 from Whangarei Heads Primary School. Today you came and shared stories you had written specifically with our kindergarten children in mind. After a warm welcome song from our children you read your stories in small groups. Your stories were entertaining and beautifully illustrated. By sharing your wonderful literacy skills you inspired our children. What great role models you are, you should feel very proud. I hope you all enjoyed the yummy morning tea the children put on for you to say thanks. Tino pai o mahi Room 3. Good work.
Bea's story writing inspired after Room 3's visit

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Volunteer Fire Fighters visit Manaia

On Wednesday 22nd October we invited the local volunteer fire fighters from Whangarei Heads to visit our Kindergarten, as there has been a strong interest with the children role-playing fire fighting. Parua Bay Play-centre families also joined us, which was a wonderful community gathering. The children were all buzzing with excitement. The fire fighters talked to the children about smoke alarms, keeping safe and what to do if there was a fire. Corinne one of our parents put all the equipment on to demonstrate to the children what it would look like to come face to face with a fire fighter. The children then all practiced evacuating from the building by getting low and crawling under a tarpaulin. The children then went outside where they had a turn squirting the fire hose and got to experience what it was like to sit in the fire truck. We would like to thank the fire fighters for taking the time to visit our Kindergarten to educate the children about their important role in the community. This experience connects links with the family and the wider world. Children develop an understanding of the links between the early childhood education setting and the familiar wider world through people (family/whānau, fire fighters), images (fire truck), objects and sounds (smoke alarms) that are the same as at home. Children develop knowledge of the role of the wider world of work and their community, such as the role of fire fighters.
The fire fighters talking about keeping safe, shouting FIRE, FIRE, FIRE and GET OUT, STAY OUT.

Corinne demonstrating what a fire fighter wears.

Practicing getting low and getting out.

Thomas, who is so proud of his dad.
Ed demonstrating how to use the fire hose.











Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Experiencing an electrical storm

Today a number of children arrived at kindergarten full of stories about their experience of this mornings electrical storm. Some children represented their experience through drawings and paintings.
"Drawing is the quickest and most direct way of making ideas visible.  It is an incredibly powerful tool, a language that enables children to explain things to themselves and to others" Ursula Kolbe, Rapunzels Supermarket

Jack and Harper 




Carys, Lily and Scarlett talk about their experiences as they paint alongside each other

Monday, September 22, 2014

Showing Tuakana Teina

For the last five Fridays four Year 8 students from Parua Bay School have been coming to spend the afternoon with our tamariki at Manaia. We have looked forward to each Friday with eager excitement. Together the students and tamariki have enjoyed time engaged in imaginative play, working on creative projects, reading stories, and building constructions down to offering themselves as models for our face painting enthusiasts. This has been a wonderful example of showing tuakana- teina, the older children sharing their knowledge with the younger children. Here are some comments the children have made about your visits.

 "I liked them having lunch with us and playing in the family corner and the playground and on the monkey bars" Lily
"I miss them. I liked playing in the family corner"Carys
 "I like Jade" Eva
 " I like them"Natalie
 " I took a photo of the big kids" Eva's photo
 "I liked face painting" Pippi
 " I made a necklace for Jade" Lucy
"They told the boys to let us in the trolleys and they pushed me on the swing" Lucy
 "I liked Pippa painting a picture with me"Eva

" Is your sister Jade coming today Sally?"Jack
"Are your grandchildren coming today Sally"Beatrix
"I liked having them here" Max
"(I liked)Them coming"Scott
"I liked them playing the same game again, the building game"Tommy
"I liked playing on the slide where the monkey bars are with them"Kafka
"Riding in the car with Keely and playing with Ryannah in the blocks, and playing with Pippa in the family corner, and Jade"Madison

Thank you Jade, Pippa, Keely and Ryannah for the wonderful gift of friendship that you have given our tamariki. We look forward to special times continuing with other Year 8 students next term.